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The Timbrel of Tension is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest VIII, it raises the whole party's tension by one level and has unlimited uses.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

Making its debut, it is created by mixing a Sun crown, a Tough guy tattoo, and a Magic beast hide in the Alchemy Pot.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[]

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Timbrels of Tension appear as one-time use items in this game, rather than having unlimited uses. When picked up by the character being controlled by the player, it will fill the character's tension bar completely, making it useful when it comes to boss fights. Timbrels of Tension can sometimes be found by smashing pots or barrels and since they do not carry over between stages, they should be used as needed.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

The Timbrel of Tension returns in the sequel as a skill that can be used by Angelo. It can be learned for 8 skill points and costs 8 MP to use. Rather than increasing the party's tension, it increases the rate at which they will gain tension.

Dragon Quest Rivals[]

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Level Skill Description MP Cost
1 Luminary Magical Mending +5 Increases Luminaries' Magical Mending by 5 when wielding this weapon
1 Ranger Agility +10 Increases Agility by 10 when Rangers equip this weapon
1 Harvest Moon Deals double damage to Bird family monsters, normal damage to all others 5
10 Dodgy Character Increases the user's dodge rate 5
20 Fortifying Footwork Raises one ally's spell resistance while restoring their HP 22
25 Timbrel of Tension Increases the skill damage dealt by the party as well as their HP recovery effects from certain skills 36
30 Shining Shot Deals 300% physical Bang damage to all enemies and 70% physical Bang damage to random enemies twice while slightly recovering the HP of the party 41
33 5% more Damage to Bird monsters Deals 5% more damage to Bird monsters when wielding this weapon.
36 5% more damage to Elemental monsters Deals 5% more damage to Elemental family monsters when wielding this weapon
40 Max MP +12 Increases the wielder's maximum MP by 12 when equipping this weapon
45 Attack +12 Increases the user's ATK by 12 when wielding this weapon
50 Templar's Resolve Automatically greatly increases sleep and stun resistance for 6 turns and Frizz and Bang resistance for 4 turns at the start of the battle 17

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Learned by Angelo via his Talent Blossoming, it increases the potency of physical attacks and attack/recovery spells of all allies within range, including himself, for 3 turns. It costs 51 MP to use, while upgrading the skill reduces MP cost.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Tambourin de tension
German Fokustamburin
Spanish Pandereta de Tensión
Italian Sonaglio di carica
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown