Tongue Bashing is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is learned by advancing to Rank 4 of the Monster Master vocation or Rank 6 of the Gadabout vocation. When used, it can stop an enemy for 1 turn, while lowering their defense. It is also effective on Metal slimes in the remakes, and is used by corpse corporals and mechalomaniacs in battle against their enemies, in addition to being learned by recruited lipses, though only in the SNES version.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned by advancing to Rank 4 of the Lips vocation or Rank 7 of the Jester vocation, and while it acts the same as in VI in terms of stopping an enemy, it can lower an enemy's defence for 6 to 8 turns. It is also used by tongue fu masters, pustules, carbuncles, as well as pucker suckers and mirror grimages in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest X

An enemy only skill at first, it is used by powie yowies and the Abominable Showman in battle, but by 4.3 onwards, it is learned by investing 150 skill points into the Gadabout's Play skill tree. It costs 10 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

Now an enemy-exclusive skill, it is used by kissers and fromage greys in battle against their enemies, but otherwise acts the same as in previous games.

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