Tongue Lashing is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Tries to give a single enemy goosebumps by licking them, making said enemy miss a turn.


Dragon Quest V

Making its debut, it is learned by recruited Ghosts, Mudrakers, Walking corpses, Jailcats at level 3, Minidemons at level 4, and Powie yowies at level 20. It is also used by Walking corpses, Poxtongues, Lindworms, and Toxtongues in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI

Learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Gadabout vocation, as well as Spot at level 3. It is also used by Lipses and Kissers, as well as Walking corpses once again. It can also be learned by recruited Lipses and Walking corpses, though only in the SNES version.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned by advancing to rank 6 of the Jester vocation (Rank 5 in the 3DS remake) and Rank 2 of the Lips, it acts the same as in its previous appearances, and is also used by Tongue fu fighters, Ulcers, Floating bloaters, Smackers, Wet kissers, and the Rainiac, as well as Lips once again in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now an enemy only skill, it is used by Lipses and Smackers once again.

Dragon Quest IX

An enemy only skill once again, it is used by Gastropogs in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest X

An enemy only skill until 4.3, it is used by Terror tabbies, Rainbow kitties, Remotes, Fromage greys, Fromage flays, Fromage feys, and the Slush wiz in battle against their enemies, but can also be learned by players when they invest 80 skill points into the Gadabout's Play skill tree and 3 skill points for recruited Fromage frays' Gourmet skill tree and recruited Chest mimic's Chest technique skill tree. It costs 0 MP for the recruited monsters and 4 MP for DQX players.

Dragon Quest XI

An enemy only skill for the first time since IX, it is once again used by Lipses, Fromage flays, and Fromage feys in battle.

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