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The Tower of Alexandra is a dungeon in Dragon Quest VIII.


While not much is known about it, the tower and the statue of Alexandra that is housed within are stated to have existed long before the town of Alexandria was built. It is later discovered that the tower had been built by Alexandra Kranbartle, a descendant of Alexander, one of the Seven Sages, and the ancestor of Jessica and Alistair.

After sending Munchie into Jessica's Room, the Hero finds a letter explaining she has gone to find her brother's killer. He shows the letter to Bangerz and Mash, who realize Jessica might be in danger and agree to open the Tower of Alexandria and allow the Hero and Yangus to go after her. When they arrive, Bangerz opens the door, revealing that, despite its appearance, it opens from the bottom.

The Hero and Yangus reach the top of the tower before Jessica, and find a beautiful statue with red jewels in its eyes. When Jessica arrives, she believes them to be her brother's killers. She prepares to cast a fireball spell, but the statue begins to speak, and says that they did not kill him. Jessica, recognizing the voice as Alistair, aims the fireball at a pot instead, and runs over to the statue as Alistar reveals that he was murdered by Dhoulmagus, but his soul briefly stayed inside the statue. Before departing to the afterlife, Alistair tells Jessica to follow her own heart. Jessica then remains at the tower for a while, saying she will speak with the Hero later, and the Hero and Yangus leave.

Later on, the Hero, Yangus, and Angelo are tasked by Dominico of Arcadia to locate the Kran Spinels, powerful jewels that will help him create a powerful barrier to protect him from Jessica, who had been possessed by Rhapthorne. After learning from Rydon that the Kran Spinels had been placed in a statue by his ancestor, Alexandra, the party returns to the tower. After approaching the statue, they are greeted by the spirit of Alexandra, who tells the group about her lineage and gives them the Kran Spinels.

The tower later visited again after Rhapthorne is fully resurrected. Tasked by Empyrea to find the seven orbs that allow them to summon the Seven Sages, the group finds the Blue Orb in the very spot where Alistair was killed.



Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
Item Location
Dungeon Map/200G Chest on the first balcony
Seed of agility
Medicinal herb
Moonwort bulb
Seed of strength
Antidotal herb
Scale shield

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Other languages
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German Alexandras Turm
Spanish Unknown
Italian Torre di Alexandra
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