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A treasure chest is a recurring element in Dragon Quest games as well as most role-playing games. It appears in various locations throughout the games and often contains an item or gold which the player receives upon opening the chest. Beginning in Dragon Quest III some chests are traps which contain enemies such as a Cannibox. Generally, treasure chests are used to distribute items throughout the locations in each game.


In Dragon Quest there are two types of chests:

Red chest Red chests will be empty forever after opening, however contain a set item which will likely be more valuable than what is found in blue chests.

Blue chest Blue chests will later respawn new random treasure, once opened.

DQVIII 3DS - Purple Chest purple chests will later respawn random seeds, once opened.


  • Blue chests outside of grottoes will respawn when you save and turn off the power to your DS.
  • Blue chests inside grottoes will respawn if you exit the grotto, stop following the map, and start following it again.
  • Blue chests don't always respawn the same item; it's always random.

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