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Trode is one of the main characters in Dragon Quest VIII, travelling alongside his daughter and his loyal soldier, the Hero, chasing after the wicked Dhoulmagus. He later appeared in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker as a monster in the Slime family, and then a monster of the Nature family in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

Trode is a good monarch, consumed with the well-being of his kingdom and especially of his daughter, but shows little concern for anything else. After being cursed with a hideous, toad-like form, Trode travels via a wagon hitched to his now turned horse daughter (a fact that he often is upset by). Throughout the story, Trode offers wisdom and insight for the party as they travel the world in search of Dhoulmagus, and later the demon Rhapthorne. He is responsible for crafting the Alchemy Pot, an important item for crafting new items and weapons. After the defeat of Dhoulmagus, Trode is almost heartbroken by the fact that his and Medea's curse still lingers. However, once Rhapthorne is finally defeated, the two are finally restored to normal.

In the epilogue, King Trode decides to disrupt the arranged marriage of his daugther to Prince Charmles of Argonia, and is hinted to be quite pleased with the romantic nature between Medea and the hero. In the special ending, he becomes the Hero's father-in-law after the revelation of the hero being revealed to be of noble birth.

He and Yangus have a recurring routine in which Trode will often appear out of nowhere during a scene, causing the surprised ex-thief to strike an unusual pose and say "Cor Blimey!!!".


  • "I shan't be returning here again until we've defeated Dhoulmagus. Be strong without your King, my dear castle. And my beloved people, fare thee well. I will be back as soon as possible." -In Castle Trodain

Cameo Appearances[]

King Trode can be seen making a cameo in Trode's Room by taking the Royal Suites lift located in the north west corner of the Quester's Rest Inn located in Stornway. Talking to Trode, allows the player to gain the equip "Trode's Robes".

He also make an appearance in Rocket Slime in Mt. Krakatroda in Krak Pot's Cave with pictures on the floor and in the room where Rocket battles Pot Belly depicting him taking care of Medea and fixing up the Alchemy Pot.



  • Trode can be summoned in battle with the use of Yangus's ultimate Humanity skill, Golden Oldies. Similarly to Sylvando's Pep Power Hit Parade, this skill summons a stampede of people composed by various side characters to crush the enemy, in this case with Trode leading the charge.

Other languages[]

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