Twin Dragon Lash is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. The user lashes out twice with their whip, striking a monster as if they had been slammed by the tail of a dragon.


Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica can use Twin Dragon Lash after allocating 23 skill points into her Whip skill. It boosts each strike's power by 50%, leading it to be regarded by many players as the most powerful and cost-efficient skill in the game. However, it is nerfed in the 3DS remake, dealing 90% damage per strike. Red can also learn this skill by investing 32 skill points into her Whip skill tree.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 88 skill points allocated into the Whip skill. Though weakened from it's previous incarnation to deal only 20% more damage, it is still a useful skill against encounters with lower enemy counts and against bosses.

Dragon Quest X

Twin Dragon Lash is learned with 100 skill points invested into the Whip skill. It costs 12 MP to use when the game first came out in 2012, and did not do much damage as a regular attack. From 1.1 onwards, however, it progressively gets more powerful, dealing three times the damage of a normal attack, with MP cost being cut in half. It costs 5 MP to use in Version 2, but its activation time is reduced from the late part of 2.1 onwards, with the skill costing 8 MP to use from 2.2 onwards. It is also used by Mystic Juliante, and is one of the most modified skills in the game's history.

Dragon Quest XI

Veronica learns this skill by investing 18 skill points in her whip path. The ability returns to being overpowered, dealing double damage twice to one enemy for 8 MP.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below & Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Twin Dragon Lash is a combo finisher for Jessica, performed when she makes four light attacks in a row. When used, Jessica sends out two spectral dragons, one red and one blue, to attack a group of enemies.

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