Twomerang (Aka Swing Both Ways) is a recurring boomerang ability in the series. When used, the character launches a boomerang from each hand to strike all enemies twice.


Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

In the 3DS version, Morrie learns this after investing 100 skill points into his Boomerang skill and costs 10 MP to use. It inflicts 120% damage on all enemies twice, but with decreasing damage from left to right. When used, Morrie will create a second spectral boomerang in his left hand and enhance both of them with orange and dark flames before leaping in the air and hurling both of them at the enemies.

Dragon Quest X

Twomerang first appeared in this game, requiring a character to invest 100 skill points into the Boomerang skill. It costs 8 MP to use and will inflict 120% damage on all enemies within range twice.

Dragon Quest XI

Erik learns Twomerang for 16 points in his Boomerangs skill set after learning the Power Throw and Metalicker skills. It costs 8 MP to use and hits all enemies for 120% damage twice, but with decreasing damage from left to right.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Isla has this skill when she joins the party. To use it, the player must press the square and triangle buttons when the boomerang returns to her. If the same button combo is used in midair, that attack is used in midair as well.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Maribel has this skill when she and Ruff join the party. The skill acts the same as the first game.

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