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Untrodden Groves

Map of the locations only accessible by Godbirds Soulstone (circled in red; missing the Dragovian Path's entrace found in the Baccarat Region)

The Untrodden Groves include all areas of land non-accessible by walking, but only by flight with the use of the Godbird's Soulstone. These locations include Tryan Gully, the Dragovian Path's entrace, the World of Light's Godbird's Eyrie, Dragon Quest VIII's own version of Slime Hill near Arcadia, Sage Eagus last residence near Farebury, and many other minor raised lands near by well-known towns.

Defeated monster lists[]

Untrodden Groves[]

Areas Accessible By Air[]

Infamous Monsters[]

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Untrodden Groves
Arges (AKA Big Blue Bully)
Archfiend (AKA Arch-archdemon)
Frillsaur (AKA Jumbo Dilophosaur)
Areas Accessible By Air: Pickham Region
Bush-W. (AKA Bushwhacker)
Areas Accessible By Air: Western Argonia
Gryphus (AKA Gryphon General)
Areas Accessible By Air: Northwest Isle
Sugi (AKA Shadow Conductor)
Pa Troll (AKA Troll Patroller)


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