aka Clarity

  • I live in never you mind!
  • My occupation is a DQIX Player
  • I am male
King metal slime

The mighty Metal King Slime!

Hey! I'm ClarityBiscuitBox or just call me Clarity.

What can I say? I had never played an proper RPG before Dragon Quest IX, but I saw it in a magazine and decided to give it a go.

It was the best choice I ever made! Dragon Quest IX is my favourite game.

My Team

  • Benjamin Celestrian
  • Evelyn Songblade
  • Emma Celestrian
  • Otaku Halberd


Nobody knows I exist, really, but I consider Gladiator Ayan (Crystal) a friend of mine.

Whilst I'm on the subject, read Crystal's page on the Wiki! It's called Dragon Quest Question and Answers!

If you have any questions, go straight there for an answer!


Beaten Grottos:

Equinox (laughably easy)

Nemean (tough but easy to beat)

Shogum (crit attacks?!)

The Trauminator (ok, but Elusid's easier)

Elusid (hate him)

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