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This gonna be long, so get a cup of tea and start sleeping. I'm about 22 years old. I live in Venice, a little city in L.A. were RHCP maked their "Raindance Maggie" video.

I started with my Dragon Quest fanatism since my uncle gaved me his old NES with Dragon Warrior III. My Metal Gear fanatism began with the same, my crazy uncle gaving me his old MSX2 with Metal Gear 2. Both were in 1996, two years before my again crazy geeky uncle gaved me a Gameboy with Pokemon Blue version in my 8th B-Day.

I recently own that old NES, MSX2 and the Gameboy, with a Wii, a 3DS, a PSP, a Gamecube and a PS3. And yes, the 70% of that girls were from my uncle.

Dragon Quest Series

I have updated my team!

Dana - Lvl. 99 Minstrel. 780HP 173MP. 100 Skill Points in Sword, Litheness, Courage, Fource, Virtue, Guts and Shield. 83 in Focus and 34 in Je ne sais quoi and Acquisitiveness. Equipped with Uber Falcon Blade, Erdrick's Shield, Erdrick's Helmet, Erdrick's Armour, Erdrick's Gauntlets, Invincible Trousers, Liquid Metal Slime Boots and Catholicon Ring.

Josh - Lvl. 99 Warrior. 800HP 89MP. 100 Skill Points in Spear, Courage and Virtue. 100 in Guts, 34 in Acquisitiveness and 11 in Sword. Equipped with Liquid Metal Spear, Psyche Swiper, Metal King Helm, Metal King Armour, Liquid Metal Slime Gauntlets, Sturdy Slacks, Alianah Boots and Meteorite Bracer.

Kelly - Lvl. 99 Priest. 433HP 512MP. 100 Skill Points in Wand and Faith, 83 in Enlightenment and 14 in Guts. Equipped with Bright Staff, Liquid Metal Shield, Hallowed Helm, Pallium Regale, Master's Gloves, Trinity Tights, Sensible Sandals and Wear-with-all Award.

Sylvia - Lvl. 99 Mage. 406HP 489MP. 100 Skill Points in Wand and Spellcraft and 14 in Guts. Equipped with Bright Staff, Metal Slime Shield, Scholar's Circlet, Divine Bustier, Apprentice's Gloves, Impregable Leggins, Alianah Boots and Venus Tear.

Time Spent playing: 230 Hours

Monsters defeated: 93%

Wardrobe: 44%

Item List: 65%

Bosses defeated: Every in-game boss, every Grotto boss, Baramos and Malroth.

Fav. Grottoes: Gold Maze of Bane lvl. 62, Silver World of Doom lvl. 85, Emerald Ruins of Gloom lvl. 88 and Bronze Ruins of Death lvl. 99. The first one is a Liquid Metal Slime Floor only, and the third one is an S-Rank Grotto. I have more S Rank Grottoes but I'm too lazy for writing them.

Legendary Armour Drops: Brain Drainer, Hallowed Helm, Vesta Gauntlets and Invincible Trousers.

Metal Gear Solid

Recently I have beaten Peace Walker. I was too bored to post it before. Games I've beaten:

-> Snake Eater 3D [Took me about 2 weeks... The Sorrow fight was holy fucking epic, because he was dead and it was like I was hallucinating...]

-> MG2:SS [Not the famous-portraits one... The one in which Snake looked like S. Snake from MGS]

-> Portable Ops [Pythons are cool. And it is said that Liquid Nitrogen can revive dead fishes... lol. I need to try that with my dear Silver...]

-> MGS: TTS [Is every character in this game ohsohot? Also, Fox looks like 30 and Wolf looks like 18.]

-> Peace Walker [I LIEK PSP.]

MGS4 is on process (I go to teh Twin Seuns), and I'm just getting cash for a PS2, unless my uncle Otacon (MGS4 REFERENCE HEAR SPOILARS) gives me his PS2... How many love gives me that freak.

Favorite Characters from each game:

MG2:SS - Snake, that coolface badass... And yes, he had nightmares about scorpion-size tanks, lol. Also, the Fringe Man, I mean, Fox... Has anyone saw a fringe longer!?

MGS:TTS - PSYCHO MANTIS!!!! That 1'90m. ohsotall guy was about to kill meh until I switched the controller!!! HAHAHAH!!! And well, as I said before, Immortal Fox, with his 30 year old face (but he's really 50 years old...), and his awesome moves. Wolfie was cute, but I really disliked Liquid Kurt Snake Cobain. Badass longhair.

MPO - Python. Yes, I recruited him at the first try. Cool guy, I say. He looks like Pinhead from Hellraiser (oh god... hope Jugsaw doesn't read this o.o). Also, Badass-Commanding Gene, the Zero Shifter man.

MPW - KAZUHIRA MILLA!!! I don't know if he will take his sunglasses off, but he's OH GOD... Also, Strangelove, a bisexual lover of The Boss (yes, she was bi, not lesbian).

MGS3D - The Soooooorrooooow. That smiling bastard with his medium powers. I really liked the Cobras, and I wanted MGS5 to be a game about The Boss and The Cobras in Normandy, '44. Also, Major Ocehot, that revolver spinning hottie, and Raikov, the gay lover of Volgin. I really liked that Raiden parody.

MGS4 - Well, for God's sake... I DIDN'T LIKED RAIDEN. I said. Watching MGS2 videos, he looked like better as a rookie... And I just liked the BB Corps and Big Mama (Older EVA). God, is another immortal!

I'm 2 Lazy 2 talk about Pokemans.

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