Dragon Quest of the Stars (星のドラゴンクエスト, Hoshi no Dragon Quest) is a free-to-play touch-based RPG that is part of the Dragon Quest series.


As the descendants of the mysterious Questocrat, the player and their two siblings fought alongside a great hero against the Dark Lord of the Stars. The Dark Lord handily defeated them, sending them crashing onto Cyril's homeworld, where they awaken robbed of their memories as well as their possessions on a beach near the First Town. Only the Questocrat's book remains. With the aid of Cyril and his slime pal Gregooey, the player must uncover the secret of the tome and embark on their journey to vanquish evil across the galaxy.


Dragon Quest of the Stars incorporates mission-based gameplay. As the player advances the story, they travel between locations on fixed area maps and fight many species of monsters in transit or while exploring a dungeon area. Moving about a map requires the player to consume stamina that regenerates over time, the amounts increasing with the relative difficulty of each area. Players can also select a companion unit made available by other players to assist in combat.

Attacking in battle is automatic, while customisable skills operate on an active-time system. As the battle progresses, skill gauges assigned to each player unit fill up; and when full, units may execute their chosen skills. Chaining skills together in rapid succession increases damage dealt per turn.

Battles are scored against explicit mission objectives, with rewards given for each objective met in a given mission. When all objectives have been met, the mission is marked "clear". Regardless of progress, any story mission can be re-attempted at any time.

As a gacha game, Dragon Quest of the Stars offers various categories of equipment by means of lottery, using virtual currency purchased with real-world money or earned as the player progresses. The equipment can then be modified and assigned according to the player's needs and battle party.

In addition to à la carte purchases, players may activate monthly Star Pass subscriptions to unlock additional features and subscriber-only benefits. One free Star Pass is provided to all new players.


The game was released 15 October 2015 in Japan, and features stickers from popular LINE emoji artist Kanahei.

On 30 September 2019, it was announced that the game is set to have a global release in early 2020. An open beta for Android devices launched 30 October 2019 and has since completed.[1] Registration for both iOS and Android opened 20 January 2020, leading up to a full release on 25 February 2020.

Currents Events

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Current Equipment Summon

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Event Timeline

Event Name Dates
IMG 20200305 011508
Defeat the Dragonlord! 2020/03/09 23:59 UTC
IMG 20200305 011442
Defeat Malroth! 2020/03/16 23:59 UTC


Standard Vocations Required for Specialist Vocation
Warrior Battlemaste- Armamentalist
Mage Sage - Armamentalist
Priest Paladin - Sage
Martial Artist Battlemaster - Paladin
Sailor Pirate - Monster Master
Dancer Pirate - Superstar
Ranger Monster Master - Superstar




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