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I'm just some lazy bum, y'know. Should probably be making something of myself, but what am I doing? Going back and forth between games and fermenting in my bed, yaaaay.

Originally got into Dragon Quest when I was looking for a Final Fantasy game. Funny how that works?

Anyway, I like the series, though I sometimes ask myself why whilst playing and being frustrated by some of the less charming things. I've beat the original, the remakes of that and the second for the GBC, the GBC remake of III, the DS remakes of IV and V, VII (a looooong one), VIII, Rocket Slime and all four of the Monster games... well, mostly. I got an import of Caravan Heart, yo, but Gisvarg owned me pretty hard when my heal-duty Gem Slime kicked the bucket. D'oh.

Monsters are cool, if you ask me, so you'll find that a lot of my contributions focus on the monster articles. I might not know the meat of 'em, like highest HP and appearance rate, but I still try to type what I can about 'em.

I'd like to think I'm a laid-back sort, but chances are I'm more tense and uptight than I'd like to admit and/or believe. Probably gas.

Template thingies to refer to cuz I'm a lazy stooge who can't memorize junk

An enemyrific enemy template by Pagoderz
<!-- Put stuff here, yo -->
<br style="clear: left;"/>

And this guideline page for when I forget the order of the sections, yo.

Use this...
{|border="1" cellspacing="0" align="center"
!colspan="2" style="background:silver"|Dheee...
|width="50%" style="background:#FF4040"|Hurrr...

To make dis, yo

Hurrr... RED
Durrr... PINK
Gheee!! GREEN... SORTA
Guffawww BLUE

And go here for da more advanced shtuff... kinda.

:The small text is done like-a so
:<small>Like-a so, yo</small>

Also, these, since they're used loads.

''[[Dragon Quest series|Dragon Quest]]''
===''[[Dragon Quest]]''===
===''[[Dragon Quest Monsters]]''===

And it's platinum king jewel.


" a recurring monster in..." NOT ENEMY. They're not all bad, yo.

And having a colon at the start of links can link things like special pages without making actions happen. Like this.

Movies from youtube can be placed with dis thingy.
<youtube width="320, or adjust" height="240, or adjust">the URL after the 'v=' bit, yo</youtube>
And <pre></pre> makes these spiffy boxes, yo
Coding and stuff is ignored inside these thingies. I think.

And I'm putting this image here. Because I like it. A lot.

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