• I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is actuellement en hibernation pour cause de Dragon Quest XI et de rentrée. Bis repetita.
  • I am ... c'est compliqué

Hi there ! I'm Tigali, or just Tiggy if you prefer ; the adopter and administrator of the French DQ wiki. I often wander around here in search of pics or informations. Though I live in France, I speak a very fluent English ; feel free to ask if you need anything. I speak a little Spanish, too, but that's not really needed here.

Regarding the games I own, I'm a huge fan of IX, and I know almost everything about it. I've played it six or seven times, in French, but also in English and Spanish. My second favorite DQ game is Rocket Slime, that I ordered from the US (Americans, you lucky fellows). Though it was very short, I loved the gameplay. I also got Joker 2 (love that one), Joker (love the pitch but the gameplay is just uuuurgh), Swords, IV, and Wars. I look forward to VII :)

I've watched all the Abel Yuusha series, so if I can be of an help to you buddies...

Well, that was me. See you around ;)

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