(This is based on my current party --- a Level 70 (1 revocation) Gladiator - Main charcter named Chris, a Level 72 (1 revocation from Gladiator) Martial Artist named Bob, a Level 70 (1 revocation from Priest) Gladiator named Dora, and a Level 78 (1 revocation) Sage named Chester)

NOTE: This WILL contain some spoilers if you have not finished the main plot!

I sat down near the slowly crackling fire for warmth, as we crowded close, huddling over some dusty parchment Chester recently received from a castle.  

"Well, Chester, you've had those for days now.  Do they say anything interesting?"

He glanced up, shrugged and replied "They mention something about Zenus."

My ears perked up.  After all, I've been searching for enlightenment from the divine all of my life.  "What do they say?"

"You've never wondered why we didn't find Zenus even in the Realm of the Almighty?"


"This parchment says He cannot die, but powerful dark forces can tear Him asunder."

I sighed and looked towards the ground.  

Chester gently put his hand on my shoulder and said "I'm sorry, Dora."

"That explains my nightmares these past few years."

Chester slowly walked away to join Bob and Chris.  Feeling empty inside, I sat down and entered a lotus position.  Minutes blurred past, as I let my eyes lose their focus and my mind empty.

I felt my fears and doubts drop away as an all encompassing sense of gentle strength and purpose infused me.  Slowly, I opened my eyes and stood up.

Now, Bob, Chris and Chester stared at me as I smiled confidently at them.  Chester said "What's going on?"

Bob smiled, knowingly and said "I think Dora has found a new sense of purpose.  I knew it well, when I made a decision."

I said "Yes, I have.  We must venture into the grottoes, and I must change my path.  Together, we will heal Zenus and He will bring a new light to this world."

BrisklyI let my memories race towards the Voice I heard only in Alltrades Abbey, as the Voice boomed out "Who amoung you wishes to change her profession?"

I shouted out my desire and the Voice answered:

"So be it.  From this moment forth, you are a Gladiator."

The white light infused me.  An instant later, I picked up the staff.  Bob stared at me and said "But, Gladiators canot use the staff."

I smiled and said "I have mastered it, so I can.  Let us start our ventures on the morrow."

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