Dora, Chris, Bob and Chester crept slowly down the damp hall, treading lightly through the water.  The cave was brightly lit, but the constant twists and turns kept them from seeing very far ahead.

Bob turned to Chris and said "I'm getting restless here.  We haven't seen much."

Just then, a large shiny grey blob rolled around the corridor.  It grinned confidently and wore a crown.

Chris stared in shock and said "My God, it's---"

Dora put her hand on Chris's mouth and said "Ssssh.  They scare easily."

Bob drew his sword and raced toward the large blob.

Chester sighed and said "So much for a surprise attack."  He drew his wand and marched forward.

Dora shrugged and took her spear out.

Bob sliced boldly with his sword, but watched it bounce off.  He swore and held the sword differently, slicing a small chunk of metal from the blob.

A second later, the blob slammed into him, throwing him back into the wall.

Chester then waved his wand and muttered, causing a large dark orb to engulf the blob.  A few seconds later, the orb collapsed, while the blob just blinked.

Dora then raced forward with the spear and yelled.  She slammed the spear into the blob, so quickly a boom echoed through the cave, but the spear bounced off.  The blob them tried to slam into her, but she nimbly rolled aside.

She then took her spear again and thrust it again, causing another boom.  This time, the spear struck home, and the blob screamed as it shattered into a million pieces, dropping its crown to the ground.

Dora grinned, put on the crown and walked over to Chester and Bob.  She said "Next time, use your spear.  It's the only way to take these down."

Chester blinked and said "I guess you learn something new every day."

Bob stood up slowly and dusted himself off.  He then added "I guess so."

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