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  • Carol of the bells

    So....a lot of people--meaning two so far--have been posting neat stories about their parties on their quest. So I thought, 'hey, why not?' So here's mine...yeah.

    Here are my party's stats real quick:

    Zirin (Main character): paladin, lvl 60

    Rinji: armamentalist, lvl 55

    Yuki: sage, lvl 58

    Te'ijo: warrior, lvl 79

    Okay, here we go!

    "Wah! It's so tall!" Zirin mused, eyes wide as she tried to follow the tower up with her eyes.

    Rinji scratched his head, uncertain. "Um, are we still sure we want to do this? I mean, there could be legions of monsters in there..."

    Yuki smirked. "Scared?"

    "Shut up! I'm just being cautious!" He snapped. He turned to Te'ijo for support. "Right, Te'ijo?"

    Te'ijo sighed. "Zirin, what do you want to do?"

    The blue-haired celestrian th…

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  • Carol of the bells

    That was easy...

    February 4, 2014 by Carol of the bells

    So I have Baramos' boss map.

    My party is lvl 60-70.

    But I was too chicken to try, 'cause I thought I would die. *rhyme not intended*

    But I was bored. So I did it anyway, knowing I would die.


    I beat him in six turns, and got the rare treasure.


    So I just kind of sat there like, "That was easy..."

    So fact, it was slightly dissapointing.

    But hey, I'm not complaining!

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  • Carol of the bells

    Favorite boss

    September 11, 2013 by Carol of the bells

    What's your favorite boss? Story/grotto, whichever.

    Mine is Sir's his name again?

    The knight dude in red armor who screams about blood and all that....

    Yeah, anyway, I'd love to hear your favorite!

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  • Carol of the bells

    DQ9 was popular in 2009-2010, wasn't it? Unfortunately, I didn't buy it untill 2010, and didn't realize the importance of canvassing for guests until this year. Now I cannot canvass anyone!!! AHHH!!!! Is there anyone in NC that still canvasses?

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