My party is a pretty bad fail, for about 130 hrs of the game my healer was a Minstrel, and that did get very annoying when we fought strong bosses. But now that I changed it so our tactics should be better.

My party:

(hero) Ace: Lv. 64 Minstrel

Masher: Lv. 64 Warrior

Jade: Lv. 61 Mage

Lacie: Lv. 34 Priest

I changed my healer (Lacie) from a Minstrel to a Priest so she could cast better healing spells.

I've been playing DQ9 for over 150 hrs now, and i'm still not bored of it.

I've finished the main story, so i'll answer questions from other players as best I can.

(Note: I update this page often)

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