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  • I live in never you mind!
  • My occupation is a DQIX Player
  • I am male
  • ClarityBiscuitBox

    Hey! Ayan!

    March 5, 2013 by ClarityBiscuitBox

    Hey, guys!

    It's me, ClarityBiscuitBox. I'm sorry I left you guys, especially since there seems to be a major lack of members. I saw a blog post by Raised By Wolves which had some good views. I think mostly that they're right. Oh, and thanks for what you said about my blog post. It wasn't that good, was it?!

    So, yeah. I'm back.


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  • ClarityBiscuitBox

    Bloomingdale's Best!

    September 23, 2012 by ClarityBiscuitBox

    Hi, I'm Benjamin. What? Celestrian? No... I'm not a celestrian...

    I'm Benjamin the Minstrel!

    Place of birth: Bloomingdale

    Items held: Astral Plume, Lucky Pendant, Sorcerer's Stone.

    Equipment: Feather Headband, Metal King Armour, Denim Jeans, Magic Mittens, Classy Clogs

    I spend a lot of time in Bloomingdale with my Luminary friend, Crystal. She's ok, and when I can I help her out with her big dreams. She's always trying to achieve them! When I was 7 I met Evelyn Songblade, who's now my greatest friend ever! My sister was living far away, so I didn't see her often. I seemed to make friends with lots of girls! Well, I was also friends with Sammy, a boy I met there but we weren't especially close. I wear my Sorcerer's Stone because I use it in a song…

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  • ClarityBiscuitBox


    September 19, 2012 by ClarityBiscuitBox

    So, who likes sidequests around here? Why don't you take on these ones? You'll get titles each time you complete one, so it's worth it!

    Trust me, it's tough but I'll list every person who comments once they've completed the quest.

    Also, completion of 5 quests bestows the title of 'Beginner'!

    Completion of 10 quests bestows the title of 'Incredible Intern'!

    Completion of 15 quests bestows the title of 'Quest Completor'!

    Completion of 20 quests bestows the title of 'Helpful Hero'!

    Quest 001 - Just The One

    Clarity wants you to play through Dragon Quest IX and defeat the final boss without using any other party members except yourself. Completion of this quest bestows the title of 'Loner'!

    You've recieved a quest request! Put yourself to the test?


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  • ClarityBiscuitBox

    Hey, everyone!

    I've beaten Corvus and am in the post-game and just wanted to share my team with you all!

    Hope you enjoy it!


    BENJAMIN: Armamentalist – Age 13

    Benjamin is an able attacker, and with his trusty bow or fan to hand, he’s always ready for combat. He’s quiet most of the time, but whenever there’s a battle he’s up there fighting the monsters. He was a young boy from Stornway, but since his fateful visit to Angel Falls, he’s found himself somewhat of a secret legend. He hates the fact that he’s the world’s hope and hero, but his friends help him through it. He enjoys being round a campfire with his team and talking, learning about them and their lives. One day he hopes to make his mentor, Windy, proud by mastering the Fource…

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