Creepy conspiracy theories...I'm so loving them!

How the hero's murder would go

Stella: -sharpening knives in the back of S.E-

Hero: -walks in, silent as usual-

Stella: -hides knives- Oh, er, hello there, xxx! Didn't expect to see you here! Want a cookie? Sterling's got some?

Hero: -not fooled-

Stella- Hey, look over there! Is that... HOOTINGHAM-GORE? AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Okay, I've got it under control...

Hero: -looks away-

Stella: -evil grin, comes towards the hero-

Hero: D:

Stella: -kills the Hero-

Hero: X.X

Sterling: What's goin' on 'ere?

Stella: I kinda killed the hero...oops.

Sterling: Hehe. Hehehehe. HEHEHEHEHE. -collapses with laughter-

Stella: WTF.

A.N.: This isn't a conspiracy theory really, just a bit of a laugh that I thought I'd put on here. It's perfectly plausible really.

My favourite response to this theory and the bit preceding it: Interesting...actually, that would've made a great quest, if Stella did remember who she really was! Except....Seriously, Sterling? Why you mock my death?! ~ Carol of the bells

Stella, evil mastermind

Submitted by Ellis99. Here's the comment. I think that in the game, the true mastermind behind the events and Corvus should have been Stella where she is actually a demon for the underworld of monsters.

So yeah. That'd be really cool. Like, after you defeat Corvus and everything's happy and lovey and...well, gross, Stella comes out and gives you a creepy look. She starts...mutating, I guess, and then there's this really creepy face and she's wearing *gasp* UNFASHIONABLE CLOTHES!!! What has BECOME of you, Stella? And then comes the TRUE final boss.

My response to this because it was an amazing theory: Yeah, that sure would be epic. That explains Tyrannosaura Wrecks in the Starflight...Stella keeps an evil demon in there so she can eventually eradicate the mortals. Such evil thoughts for innocent DQers...>:D

Thanks for the suggestion, Ellis!

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