So glad the first episode received a good response! So, for all my lovely fans, here is ep. 2. If you didn't guess that, then you won't be able to understand my trademark sarcasm. XD Anyway, onto the Wight Knight!

Episode 2- Wight Knight

After introducing myself to my new party members- Luna, Scarlett and Zoe Yep, my team members. Well, I'm not about to make up new ones just for this, am I? - we set off to the King's castle in the hope that we'd be able to lend our services in some way to collect benevolessence, which I could no longer see. ,y eyes to the Celestrian world were those of an annoying faerie named Stella. Whoopee. Anyway, a guard stopped us and asked us if we were here to volunteer to defeat the Wight Knight. Who the heck is he? I thought, but smiled politely and nodded. It seemed like a way to earn benevolessence, anyway. So in we went. Spoke to the King and his daughter, been there, done that. And within five minutes, we were off to Loch Storn in search of the Wight Knight.

Update soon, sorry everyone!

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