So yeah... I'll be able to get info a lot easier now :D 'Cuz I enabled infinite skill points and exp multiplier x128, so I can learn eye for trouble and get to lv99 on every vocation :P I also did 1-hit kill, which is funny because even if you attack an LMS and it misses, it says LMS is defeated even though it's still stood there...XD

I've beaten 2 Elusids (1 without AR), and I did have eye for trouble on it but I accidentally removed the game and lost a dang load of data...ughhhhhh I'm so stupid

EDIT: I also just enabled 'All Weapons', so I'll be able to get a good bit of info on all weapons. I'll be getting all shields, armour, etc soon...just it takes ages to type just one code :/

EDIT: Right. I've got all equipment, all extra quests, all vocations and infinite mini medals. So I can get info on whatever. Except monsters, as I haven't been able to find a 100% bestiary code, and the Legacy Boss code is soooo long. So yeah... When I've got lv99 everything, I'll work my way through the bestiary getting eye for trouble.

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