As you've probably gathered, I haven't beat DQIX yet, or got any other games. So what I'd like is for y'all to help me gather info.

I'll add/ remove monsters, as info is found and I find another page that needs info. Obviously, I'll be helping; might even be getting DQVII for Xmas :D

  • Slemperor
  • Digong
  • Vampire cat
  • Egdracil
  • Atlas- he's missing a lot of info for such a famous monster.
  • Khalamari kid
  • Night wisp
  • Eyelasher
  • Snow Queen
  • Divinegon
  • Epipany
  • Phantaseyes
  • Gas
  • Sea Angel
  • Duran


Going Trauminator-hunting soon, if I can beat him I'll try and find Atlas too. If not, I'll grind until I manage to beat him.

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