Hey. I've decided to do a little series of blogs called 'the DQIX Diaries' (duh, it's the name of the blog.). It's gonna revolve mainly around the bosses of the game and will contain (hopefully) helpful tips on how to beat them. Leave a comment for which grotto bosses you'd like to see. It'll be all the story bosses, then the grotto bosses and Quest bosses and legacy bosses after that. Just bear in mind I've not beaten three grotto bosses because I can't find Nemean, and Baramos keeps beating me to death. But I should have beaten him by the time I get onto him. If worse comes to worst, I'll look up strategies on the Internet and post them here.

Episode 1: Hexagoon

So, I'd reached the end of the Hexagon. Sure enough, Patty was there, trapped under some rocks that had fallen. I put her look of terror down to the pain she was probably experiencing, and the fallen rocks to the fact that this place was so old and crumbling. I mean, a monster'd have to be pretty big to destroy the ceiling, and there's no way a monster that size would be able to fit in this there?

Patty said something, but I wasn't really listening (I forgot, OK? I did the Hexagoon months ago, so don't expect me to remember everything.). Only when the floor begin to shake did I understand why Patty was so scared. A huge monster that could've been part of the walls, for all I knew, had suddenly appeared. I decided to name it the Hexagoon. ROOOOOOOOOAAAARRRRRRRR! Well, someone got out the wrong side of the wall, or fell down the wrong side of the ceiling... You know what, who cares about my bad jokes?

And now, people stuck on the Hexagoon, comes a strategy.

First off, you'll want a good, strong weapon. A sword'll do. I think that's the only weapon Angel Falls sells anyway, so yeah. I suppose all you can really do is keep attacking and healing. Dragon Slash and Metal Slash aren't gonna do much, seeing as he's not a metal slime or a dragon, so I'd stay clear of those. Level advice: Try and be level 8 at least, so that you can use Crack. Levels 5, 6 and 7 work fine though, long as you've got Heal you'll be fine really. The Hexagoon isn't that strong compared to other bosses, so you should be fine and the battle will be over fairly quickly.

Well, that's all for Episode 1! Goodbye! :3

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