Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 19 November 2013

'Conspiracy theories'? Yay. Sounds like the creepy stuff you read about Pokemon...let's make some!

Creepy conspiracy theories...I'm so loving them!

Stella: -sharpening knives in the back of S.E-

Hero: -walks in, silent as usual-

Stella: -hides knives- Oh, er, hello there, xxx! Didn't expect to see you here! Want a cookie? Sterling's got some?

Hero: -not fooled-

Stella- Hey, look over there! Is that... HOOTINGHAM-GORE? AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Okay, I've got it under control...

Hero: -looks away-

Stella: -evil grin, comes towards the hero-

Hero: D:

Stella: -kills the Hero-

Hero: X.X

Sterling: What's goin' on 'ere?

Stella: I kinda killed the hero...oops.

Sterling: Hehe. Hehehehe. HEHEHEHEHE. -collapses with laughter-

Stella: WTF.

A.N.: This isn't a conspiracy theory really, just a bit of a laugh that I thought I'd put on here. It's perfectly plausible real…

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 12 November 2013

Making a special Weapons / Equipment info box?

This template:

is kinda confusing to set out (I just put hi to make it show up, and if you want to see how complicated it is just look at the history) , and besides you'd have to change all the headers to certain traits equipment have. So, yeah, should we make one specifically for weapons and equipment? Rather than all that typing, we could paste the above template, then edit it and publish it as an individual template. Sound good?

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 8 November 2013

I just got an AR

So yeah... I'll be able to get info a lot easier now :D 'Cuz I enabled infinite skill points and exp multiplier x128, so I can learn eye for trouble and get to lv99 on every vocation :P I also did 1-hit kill, which is funny because even if you attack an LMS and it misses, it says LMS is defeated even though it's still stood there...XD

I've beaten 2 Elusids (1 without AR), and I did have eye for trouble on it but I accidentally removed the game and lost a dang load of data...ughhhhhh I'm so stupid

EDIT: I also just enabled 'All Weapons', so I'll be able to get a good bit of info on all weapons. I'll be getting all shields, armour, etc soon...just it takes ages to type just one code :/

EDIT: Right. I've got all equipment, all extra quests, all v…

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 3 November 2013

Weapon pages

I've seen a few weapon pages, and all they say are the name, description and rarity. We should include buy and sell price, alchemy recipe (if there is one), stats (e.g. Attack: 65) and a picture of it. People look at the weapon pages to decide whether to buy that or not. The least we can do is give them some actual information.

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 29 October 2013

Designing monsters

Okay, so I've been staring at the DQ9 bestiary for a while and wondering what monsters people would design. We could create our own bestiary or something. You can either do your own original design or a palette swap of an existing monster.

Example #1: Jellylegs looks like Mike from Monsters University without braces and legs made of lime green jelly. They can use the spells Crackle, Sap and Frizz.

Example #2: Heptagoon is an orange palette swap of the Hexagoon. It can send rubble raining down and cast Kafrizz and Inferno. It is weak to wind magic such as Kaswoosh.

As suggested by King, we'll call our own bestiary the Monstary.

That's the finished template by King.

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