Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 30 September 2013

DQIX Diaries, ep. 2

So glad the first episode received a good response! So, for all my lovely fans, here is ep. 2. If you didn't guess that, then you won't be able to understand my trademark sarcasm. XD Anyway, onto the Wight Knight!

After introducing myself to my new party members- Luna, Scarlett and Zoe Yep, my team members. Well, I'm not about to make up new ones just for this, am I? - we set off to the King's castle in the hope that we'd be able to lend our services in some way to collect benevolessence, which I could no longer see. ,y eyes to the Celestrian world were those of an annoying faerie named Stella. Whoopee. Anyway, a guard stopped us and asked us if we were here to volunteer to defeat the Wight Knight. Who the heck is he? I thought, but smiled pol…

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 30 September 2013

New info needed on monsters!

As you've probably gathered, I haven't beat DQIX yet, or got any other games. So what I'd like is for y'all to help me gather info.

I'll add/ remove monsters, as info is found and I find another page that needs info. Obviously, I'll be helping; might even be getting DQVII for Xmas :D

  • Slemperor
  • Digong
  • Vampire cat
  • Egdracil
  • Atlas- he's missing a lot of info for such a famous monster.
  • Khalamari kid
  • Night wisp
  • Eyelasher
  • Snow Queen
  • Divinegon
  • Epipany
  • Phantaseyes
  • Gas
  • Sea Angel
  • Duran

Going Trauminator-hunting soon, if I can beat him I'll try and find Atlas too. If not, I'll grind until I manage to beat him.

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 29 September 2013

My DQIX Team

Well, since my team is so awesome (not) I thought you'd want to know about them. XD


The mortal sentinel, ex-Celestrian, you'd think she'd be quite strong. But actually, she's the third strongest attack-wise. THIRD!!! No, I'm not kidding. Minstrels are horrible, so she isn't getting revocation. She is gonna be...Uhhh... I'll get back to you on that. Anyway, she has red hair tied up in one of those frizzy ponytails or whatever they are, blue eyes and she's medium height, I think. Currently, I've been training her in Minstrel (lv 49), Martial Artist (lv 9), Priest (idk) and maybe another category or two.

Currently, she's a minstrel with: a Fire Blade, Silver Shield, Dragon Warrior Helm, Sacred Armour, Dragon Warrior Gloves, Dragon Warrior …

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 29 September 2013

The DQIX Diaries

Hey. I've decided to do a little series of blogs called 'the DQIX Diaries' (duh, it's the name of the blog.). It's gonna revolve mainly around the bosses of the game and will contain (hopefully) helpful tips on how to beat them. Leave a comment for which grotto bosses you'd like to see. It'll be all the story bosses, then the grotto bosses and Quest bosses and legacy bosses after that. Just bear in mind I've not beaten three grotto bosses because I can't find Nemean, and Baramos keeps beating me to death. But I should have beaten him by the time I get onto him. If worse comes to worst, I'll look up strategies on the Internet and post them here.

So, I'd reached the end of the Hexagon. Sure enough, Patty was there, trapped under some rocks th…

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 14 September 2013

I think we need new admins.

Two haven't logged in since 2010 .-. And the other two are probably reading this post and are online RIGHT NOW. XD

So, basically we have two active admins. TWO. .-. I think we need more.

Anyone else think so?

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