• Dana412

    My experience with Estark

    August 24, 2012 by Dana412

    Just completed DLC Quest 152 and received Estark's Map. It was a pretty hard battle... But I won! (don't ask me why I remember all the damage we took)

    Estark. 8000HP. Level 1. Normal Hit, Critical Hit, Disruptive Wave, Kafrizzle and Kaboom. Drops Zenithian Gauntlets, Mini Medal and Green Orb. Enraged by anyone who critically hits him.

    It took me 12 turns... And as I said, it was a long, hard battle...

    Turn 1: Uses his classical attack on Dana (-197HP) and uses his famous Critical Hit on Sylvia (-694HP). Sylvia dies. We use Funereal Fource. Estark gets about 800 damage points.

    Turn 2: Uses his classical attack on Josh (-203HP) and uses Kaboom (-100HP for everyone). I use Yggdrasil Leaf and Sylvia is back. Estark gets another 800 damage points poi…

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  • Dana412

    OK. If you have spent too many hours in Grotto Exploring, you might have heard about MKS/LMS/GS only floors. Well, these are even weird than the "Empty Floor" grottoes, and most of them are Rank 221.

    Metal King Slime Floor maps:

    Ruby Path of Doom, Lv87 15/16 (Masayuki Map), Sapphire Nest of Joy, lv55 15/16, Silver Nest of Doubt, lv55 9/14, Silver Marsh of Bane, lv58 11/12, Emerald World of Woe, lv64 8/17, Diamond World of Regret lv65 12/13, Emerald Abyss of Glee lv69 11/17, Bronze Crypt of Hurt lv77 9/13, Silver World of Dread lv79 9/16, Gold Abyss of Hurt lv79 14/15, Steel World of Dread lv79 16/17, Bronze Abyss of Dread lv 80 13/16, Bronze Nest of Hurt lv82 10/17, Emerald Path of Fear lv 84 11/14, Bronze Crypt of Dread lv84 9/15, Steel Wor…

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  • Dana412

    Weird Grotto appeared!

    August 19, 2012 by Dana412

    This is a true history... lol

    OK. This morning I completed my favorite Treasure Map, Emerald Ruins of Gloom lvl. 88. Wrecks gaved me a Grotto called "Diamond Ruins of Gloom lvl. 74", who is in an island near Gleeba. So I just went exploring that Grotto because I though it was going to be funny.

    And it was funny. And weird.

    The grotto starts with Octagoons, Darkonium Slimes, Sluggerslaughs, Barbatos and Gem Jamborees. 8 Rank Monsters, yeah. It contains some good chests, as A and B Rank Chests. But the best is yet to come...

    At floor 10, there was nothing. Yes. The floor was huge, empty... And empty. There were no monsters. Usually I found Boa Bishops, Cyber Spiders, Cheeky Teakys, Alarmours and Sluggerslaughs, the 10 Rank Monsters. But that flo…

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  • Dana412

    This is what boring does.

    Yesterday I was about to loose a fight with the Grotto Greygnarl (Priest&Mage killed, 1 Yggdrasil Leaf left), and I discovered some kind of strategy...

    First, Greygnarl gets enraged by anyone who uses Zing or Kazing. My Minstrel was with full HP (730, mastered with Skills), so I casted Zing on my Priest. It worked, and like I said, Greygnarl getted enraged by my Minstrel. That let me to use the Yggdrasil leaf and Omniheal with my Priest (look, the Warrior was about 80/710HP and the Priest with 113/423 and she had lots of MP, and Multiheal wasn't enough).

    Magic Bursts: Before casting a Magic Burst, Greygnarl uses an ability that increases his attack, defence and agility a little. Exactly after that, he uses the Magic Burst w…

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  • Dana412

    So yesterday I finally meeted the Grotto Greygnarl, and defeated him.

    Then I decided to make a Grotto Boss Guide, but this maybe contains spoilers... So watch out.

    Grotto Boss #1: Equinox

    When we complete Quest 15, we get our first Treasure Map, Granite Tunnel of Woe lvl1. In that Map, the final boss is Equinox, our first Grotto Boss.

    Equinox is about 1800HP, and it's able to cast Lightning Storm, Weakening Wave, Wave of Panic, Eerie Light and Dark Breath. Also, he's able to sometimes attack twice per turn.

    He can drop: Dragontail Whip, with a 10% chance, Dragon Scale, with a 10% chance, and Vesta gauntlets, part of the legendary set, with a ridiculous 2%.

    He gives 1000 Experience points and 2000 Gold Coins.

    Grotto Boss #2: Nemean

    Our second Grott…

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