[UPDATED] My team is back. And they are pretty good.

Dana: Lvl. 99 Minstrel/Lvl. 52 Gladiator. 1 time revocated. UFB/Erdrick's Shield/Erdrick's Helmet/Erdrick's Armor/Erdrick's Gauntlets/Immortal Trousers/Liquid Metal Slime Boots/Catholicon Ring

100 Sword Skill, 100 Shield Skill, 100 Litheness Skill, 100 Fource Skill, 100 Virtue Skill, 100 Courage Skill, 100 Guts Skill, 100 Focus Skill, 42 Acquisitiveness Skill and 32 Je Ne Sais Quoi Skill

Josh: Lvl 99 Warrior/Lvl 48 Paladin. No revocations. Liquid Metal Spear/Psyche Swiper/Metal King Helm/Metal King Armour/Liquid Metal Slime Gloves/Sturdy Slacks/Alianah Boots/Meteorite Bracer

100 Spear Skill, 100 Courage Skill, 100 Virtue Skill, 100 Guts Skill, 38 Acquisitiveness Skill, 20 Sword Skill

Kelly: Lvl 99 Priest. No revocations. Bright Staff/Liquid Metal Shield/Hallowed Helm/Pallium Regale/Master's Gloves/Trinity Tights/Sensible Sandals/Agility Ring

100 Wand Skill, 100 Faith Skill, 58 Enlightenment Skill, 12 Guts Skill

Sylvia: Lvl 99 Mage. No revocations. Bright Staff/Metal Slime Shield/Scholar's Circlet/Divine Bustier/Apprentice's Gloves/Imprengable Leggins/Alianah Boots/Spirit Bracer

100 Wand Skill, 100 Spellcraft Skill, 12 Guts Skill

'BTW', thanks to my Liquid Metal Slime floor, I'm going to revocate Dana again. It will take some time to bring back her to level 99, but I will start with the Grotto Hunting back in level 70-75. Also, I'm training a new teammate, a Gladiator. He's in level 42 only, but the LMS floor will help me alot. With my single revocation, I have to start searching for a level 99 grotto who doesn't contain Greygnarl as the final boss, because I still have a chance for getting good quality grottoes, but it's low... What to say, 50% of my grottoes contain Fowleye as the final boss :D.

Thanks for reading.

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