Dragon Quest IX - Metal Slime Guide

In this post I will explain every Metal Slime type, information about them, and how to defeat them. I have defeated every Metal Slime type, and I was bored so I do this:

Metal Slime [4096 exp.] Lvl's 10-20

The very first MS type. This tiny, silver slimes can be found on Quarantomb before beating the game, and in Angel Falls' Slime Hill after beating. MS have around 3-4HP, unlimited MP and both high defence/agility, but their attack is low. They can use Frizz spell.

Strategy: If anyone of your team can equip a sword and have learned Metal Slash (13 Skill Poins on Sword), use it. It deals about 2 damage poins to the Metal Slime. If they flee, do another researh around the Quarantomb/Slime Hill for searching for them. Critical hits also work well with them.

Metal Medley [12288 exp.] Lvl's 20-30

Second MS type. Three Metal Slimes decide to unit themselves, and a Metal Medley appears! They can be found on The Bad Cave and Slime Hill, and sometimes in Grottoes. They have 5HP, very high defence and higher agility than Metal Slimes, but they attack stills low. They use Kerfrizz spell (note: this spell is not available in any vocation).

Strategy: Like Metal Slimes, you will need Sword-Skilled teammates to use Metal Slash against this guys. If you have a Spear-Skilled in your team, he/she can use Pressure Point (if he/she have learned) to, sometimes, instant-kill the Metal Medley. Critical Hits still working well.

Liquid Metal Slime [40200 exp.] Lvl's 35-50

Third MS type. Bubble Slime ate a Metal Slime, and it transform into a Liquid Metal one (8). Just joking. This Metal Slime buddies can be found at The Bowhole and Slime Hill, and in Grottoes. They have around 7-8HP, really high defence and higher agility than Metal Medleys. Attack stills low. They sometimes cast Bang spell.

Strategy: Again, you will need Sword-Skilled teammates with Metal Slash. At this point, if any of your teammates has got Spear as weapon, they maybe are available to use the Thunder Thrust, like Axe-Weaponed ones are available to use Hatchet Man. Both abilities fail sometimes, but if they work, FLEW! Liquid Metal Slime is dead. Critical Hits are good in this.

PD: I recently have discovered that in one of my Grottoes, called "Gold Maze of Bane" Lvl 62, I founded a Only-Liquid Metal Slime floor. Glory came to me (8)

Metal King Slime [120040 exp.] Lvl's 50-80 (or 50-99)

The king of the MS type, but not the biggest buddy. When 8 Slimes unit, they made a King Slime, really? Well, if 8 Metal Slimes unit, they made a Metal King Slime. Found in Tower of Nod, only in battles at Floor 5, and in High Level Water/Fire/Cave Grottoes. Exactly 16HP, and higher attack/defence/agility than Liquid Metal Slimes. It seems that they don't cast spells.

Strategy: Again, Metal Slash with Falcon Blade/Uber Falcon Blade will work well, and with Metal Slime/Liquid Metal/Metal King Sword too. Hatchet Man and Thunder Thrust still working well. Critical Hits work well too.

Platinum King Jewel [240000 exp.] Lvl's 50-99

Here are they. The largest experience monsters in all the DQ saga. They only can be found at S Rank Ruins/Ice Grottoes, with all those S Rank monsters and chests. Exactly 20HP, too many high defence and agility, and high attack. They cast Dazzle, so this will be a Challenge Accepted.

Strategy: Where I have to start? They really like to flee! As I said with MKS, Metal Slash w/ Falcon Blade/Uber Falcon Blade, Hatchet Man and Thunder Thrust are well-working this time. But, make a pause. Try to get Meteorite Bracers, because the PKJ have about 505 agility points. Make everyone Spear/Axe skills Omnivocational, and start Thundering/Hatching this guys.

PS: In my best Grotto, "Emerald Maze of Gloom" lvl.88, I have discovered S Rank Monsters, along some A/S Rank Chest. In the last floor, floor 13, I killed my first PKJ. What to say? It was my mage. Yes. My mage, with a Sage's Staff, killed it with a 170 damage-critical hit. Well done, Sylvia.

This Metal Slime summary finishes. Hope that I have helped yours. Thanks for reading!

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