This is a true history... lol

OK. This morning I completed my favorite Treasure Map, Emerald Ruins of Gloom lvl. 88. Wrecks gaved me a Grotto called "Diamond Ruins of Gloom lvl. 74", who is in an island near Gleeba. So I just went exploring that Grotto because I though it was going to be funny.

And it was funny. And weird.

The grotto starts with Octagoons, Darkonium Slimes, Sluggerslaughs, Barbatos and Gem Jamborees. 8 Rank Monsters, yeah. It contains some good chests, as A and B Rank Chests. But the best is yet to come...

At floor 10, there was nothing. Yes. The floor was huge, empty... And empty. There were no monsters. Usually I found Boa Bishops, Cyber Spiders, Cheeky Teakys, Alarmours and Sluggerslaughs, the 10 Rank Monsters. But that floor was unique. Empty? No. There was another A Rank Chest. I tried using Whistle, but not.

Can anyone tell me what's going on? I've been playing Dragon Quest IX for about 220 Hours, and I never found something like this. Well, I found a Liquid Metal Slime Floor, but nothing like this. The Grotto contains only 12 floors, and in the 10th Floor, there is only a chest. A CHEST.

Aw, my game should be bugged... D:

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