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  • DemonPaladin626

    My team bios

    October 3, 2012 by DemonPaladin626

    I saw a lot of people had done this, so why not

    Soren-ra Paladin lvl 78: After falling from the observatory, soren-ra found a deep resentment of his kind, and gladly gave it up for a human life.he keeps his celestrian life a secret as well as he can, and gets tense whenever some thing he can't cover up is revealed. After defeating corvus, he wandered the world to hone his axe skills. He likes to be challenged and often goes into competition with Raikiru.

    equipment:metal slime helm, mirror armor, vesta gauntlets, chainmail socks, saintly sollerets, executioners axe, dark shield, ruby of protection

    In battle, he gives himself as a wall for his friends, yet is as able in a fight as well as the rest of the group.

    Raikiru, Ranger lvl 76: Growing up a…

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  • DemonPaladin626

    Hi, im new here

    September 25, 2012 by DemonPaladin626

    My name is DemonPaladin626, or soren-ra if you want.

    I got Dragon quest 9 and was hooked on the series, ive played 9 and 6. plus joker 2.

    i'll edit what i can and hope to find out more about the series

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