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Main Team

Soren-ra Paladin lvl 78: After falling from the observatory, soren-ra found a deep resentment of his kind, and gladly gave it up for a human life.he keeps his celestrian life a secret as well as he can, and gets tense whenever some thing he can't cover up is revealed. After defeating corvus, he wandered the world to hone his axe skills. He likes to be challenged and often goes into competition with Raikiru.

equipment:metal slime helm, mirror armor, vesta gauntlets, chainmail socks, saintly sollerets, executioners axe, dark shield, ruby of protection



In battle, he gives himself as a wall for his friends, yet is as able in a fight as well as the rest of the group.

Raikiru, Ranger lvl 76: Growing up as a thief is hard enough, but having to protect his younger sister masa in Dourbridge makes raikiru a devoted friend. His name was Mune untill his father was killed by Tyrantula, he than took his father's name to get them to stornway. When he and masa left for stornway, they ran into soren-ra, the two started off as rivals, but soon became friends after slaying Tyrantula.

equipment: combusticlaws, raging bull helm, gigant armor, apprentice gloves, steppe steppers, hiking boots, spirit bracer



In battle he uses claws and bows to rip through foes, and is constantly helping bakraia with healing the injured.

Bakraia, Sage lvl 73: A student of magic, Bakraia was sent to coffinwell to help with the spreading contagion. and was met by soren-ra, raikiru and masa, he recruited them to help in his research. After the Ragin' Contagion was sealed. he continued to travel with the trio. Despite his strict upbringing in Wormwood Creek, he is easygoing and loves to joke around.

equipment: Uber miracle sword, silver shield, minerva's mitre, sage's robe, magic mittens, sturdy slacks, shaman shoes, brainy bracer



In combat, he fights with sword in hand and keeps the team healthy.

Masa, Aramentalist lvl 75: Raikiru's younger sister is always active, from slaying monsters to pestering her older brother. She spends a lot of time studying magic with bakraia, who is astounded by masa's understanding of the fource. Masa likes to study soren-ra, as he never talks about his past from "angel falls", and says he can see ghosts and celestrians

Equipment: sage's staff, silver shield, cavalier hat, fencing frock, vesta gauntlets,swordsman's slacks, hip boots, utility belt



She studys her opponent before giving her ally's a fource boost, than casts constant debuffs and status effects.


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