So after dusting off my Amazon GC's, I decided to redeem them and spend a bit of it.

I ordered a GBC Cable for my Wii and Wind Waker. I plan on a complete 100% run for everything, including Gallery Figurines. That's gonna be fun.

Aside from that, I also ordered a fresh copy of Joker 2, as I already have the original Joker and have been wanting the sequel since I first saw the unofficial ads on Youtube. I don't have a party planned for it, but I know at least one monster I have interest in. That would be the first Material Monster I encountered in Monsters 2: Roboster 2/Overkilling Machine. However, I might also try to turn that into a Trauminator.

As for Joker, I plan on doing a non-battle healer run. I have a plan for getting an Uber Knight/Uber Defense/Poison Ward Demon-at-Arms and a Uber Blessed Blizzardier/Uber Magic Boost/Sleep Ward Pazuzu.

As always, I was wondering if any of the active editors and Jokers here would like to give me some feedback. I'm currently in Xeroph skill seed farming and scouting for/synthesizing monsters with the basic elemental skillsets (IE; Firefighter, Icemeister, Wind Blower, etc) for Uber Knight. It's a challenge, but that makes it all the more rewarding.

Plus, the skill seeds are 3 Points a pop, so a few hours of leveling per day and some farming should give me quick progress.

But, like I said, I'm open for feedback and some tips. I'm hoping to get everything set up before Infern shows its true colors.

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