Flare:The fallen celestrian who loves to party!

He is a minstral and he is the reckless and headstrong, he hopes to be a Gladiator with swords as his main weapon. He knows how to have a good time and loves to chat! With Solar, Thunder and Crystal for the ride these 4 will have an epic adventure they never imagned! Flare has a strange power to let humans see what Celestrians see and he puts it too good use so his friends can help him during battle and so he can help them help him with problems though this is not neccesary for Solar, Thunder and Crystal as they are celestrians.


Flares Brother and the geek:SOLAR!

Solar: Flares geeky and annoying brother he talks to much but he gets through this by hepling others and fighting alongs side his family.

When he fell down to Angel Falls he became a Warrior because of this you would think he would want to become a Gladiator But he dose not! he actuly wants to become a Armamentalist. He is extremly smart and knows how to fix computors very well ===


Flares Sister The lovely THUNDER!

Thunder:Another fallen celestrian who fell with Flare and Solar to Angel Falls Thunder is Flares Younger sister but she

is older than Solar. When she fell down she became a priest and she promised herself she will be a sage with spears

She can be bossy but that helps her frighten away monsters with her intimidating atittude

She is also a perfect medic and she wants to be a sage for a mixture of attacking amgic and medical magic. this is why she wants to become a sage.


Solars Best friend and another fallen celestrian the joker Crystal!

Crystal: The joker and the most cheerful of all of the fallen celestrians. after she fell down to angel falls with the rest of the group she became a mage. She DESPRATLY rwants to become a ranger with shields and axes as her main equips.but to help Solar she must help him unlock the armamentalist job so he can achive his dream job!==

She can be very witty but can put up a good fight even after she becomes a ranger and her helpful ability hatchet man helps her level up her party with metal slimes!


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