Hey all, Kingemocut 'ere. being an adult sucks. seriously, it sucks bad. 

Lemme explain.

Since september last year, i started a college course. the marking body, being so full of wisom that they are, changed the rules. now, to give them credit, their new changes are good for their perpose, but they do shaft those of us with learning disabilities. last (school) year, i was doing a different course, and i was able to resubmit my work as much as i could, now i can only officially resubmit it twice. and that SUCKS. so, long story short, TIFU (and by today i mean over the last two terms) and i've fell so far behind because of two different assignments that i'm happy i stratigically changed courses for the 4 A Level equivilents, because if i didn't i'd be off the course now.

so, most of my time i've spent in college has been doing the work for the class. thankfully, the course head (but not the department head, he's a grade A Ass) made it so i only do 6 units over the first year, and another 6 over the next year. yesterday (on monday) i talked to my course head about changing one of the topics i was doing for this year to the Website development unit that we're now doing (basicly, easy grade), as the other unit that shafted me was still burning me out too far.

not only that, but my ma keeps yelling at me to get a job, and to get a real girlfriend, because apparently having a girlfriend a ocean away doesn't count (despite us living in a digital age). and again, i AM searching for a job, heck i'm taking a lot of time out of my day to become a startup. 

so yeah. i've not had much time to keep an eye on our glorious wikia. that and screw you overkill, stealing all my time and taking the money from my bank to get all your dlcs and play your awesome game. it's payday fellas (contains swear word) !

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