i've had so much to do IRL, that i've left my post as admin for so long. due to this, i would like to say a huge sorry. however, i will be soon 19, or a legal adult in my country for an entire year, so i will be (most likely) staying at home playing the new DQ heros game as much as i can. until then, or rather until i've beaten the entire game's story, 

below i will list everything i've done (or rather should have done and have not), and why, as well as what i've done outside of the wiki. is most of this excuses? yes. should i give up my position? probly. honestly, i was thinking of giving someone extra admin rights before i left for this looong hiatus. 

during april through june, i had a hellava lot of college work to do, so most of my time was spent on that. with july through august, i had to do a load of catch up work, as well as trying to get over the depression and stress from all the work. september was the release of MGSV, as well as me getting screwed over from the college, first saying i got in and then saying i didn't. still gotta get that resolved as soon as possible, or find work. and then this month i've been playing a load of MGSV as well as trying to fix that college stuff, though most of this month has just been me sleeping ~16 hours a day. 

again, i am really sorry for disappearing. when i get back from beating Heroes, i will try and be more active. 

again, sorry.

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