Throughout the years, Akira Toriyama has blessed gamers and minion collectors with his artwork, both old and modern. And even when it couldn't be found through normal Internet means, it was plentiful in DQ Japanese Gaming Guides. But now, ever since the release of the Paradise Papers, Dragon Quest monster artwork production has hit a MASSIVE delince. So much, that it's rarely being shown in Japanese Dragon Quest Guides. Akira Toriyama's stuff had been hit by the Paradise Papers, as shown in this article: ( It's a dark time for minion collectors and the VA, as we try to get artwork for monsters like Ursa panda*, PilfererGrey gordonWight bulb*, Electric needlerHooper duperTiger jackal*, Side winderMegaton champBrollympian*, Badonis*, Gold grabberRed giantClockwyrm, and Grand yellow belly, as well as improve artwork for others (Mottle mendslime and One-man army*). We need to get Dragon Quest Monster artwork back on track, so minion collectors can be happy, like the Good Old Days. May the Lord of Shadows, and other villain heroes have no mercy on those people who support the Paradise Papers, like Bernie Sanders. 

(*Update: The One-Man Army artwork was improved, so I removed the photo from this blog post. The Brollympian, Wight Bulb, Horknight Watchman, Tiger Jackal, and Fortune Filcher artworks were found, so we no longer need those missing posters. We still need the Mottle mendslime, Ursa Panda, and Badonis artworks improved to perfection, though.)
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From a Japanese DQ monster ranking site, and need to find out where it is.

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