Fellow Questers, Dragon Quest X Verison 5 is almost evenutally upon us, and there is news. There is a demon realm, new characters, and the Funghoul is reappearing in X. There MIGHT be hope for the Blood mummyCrack-billed platypunkCrocodogCruelcumberDeath scorpion, High djinks, Hyperpyrexion, Hyperanemon, Iron scorpion, Lump mage, Mandrake marauder, Mandrake monarch , Mottle she-slime, Mottle mendslime, Sluggerslaught, Tentacular, Terracotta warrior, Thwarthog, Ursa major, and Ursa mega, but we must also hope that Belly stickCanaryanioPantomine, & Tubby dracky get new family members, while Morphean mushroom & Mushroom mage get in on the action. With that in mind, we hope the Gold grabberBadonisUrsa pandaRed mist, and other monsters whose artwork is still at large can join us for the adventure. 

An update on the characters

Since info is revealed on what the main deets of Verison 5 is, I'll get right to it. The demon realm Makai had the birth of many Demon Kings thorughout its time, with the most recent one being our old friend Madesagora. Turns out his death actually is causing a power struggle in the same way the royals of Astollia were in when the white hooded figure invaded from Nagaland, only this time there are only three powers fighting for the top dog role. Regardless, there will be dangers and we have info on the new characters and thier roles in the story. I propose that new articles for these characters could be created down the road, and I have a link to use: As Scar said, "The future is littered with prizes" and we will be ready to go into Mordor...

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