Templates for DQX Vicious monsters

Since Verison 5 of Dragon Quest X was released 2 days ago, we have seen the return of TentacularFunghoul, & Cruelcumber (The last of which I was expecting, and similar to Tyrantosaurus at the beginning of Verison 4, is poectic justice since its relatives/comrades Zumeanie & Scourgette reappeared in X (3.1 for the former and 3.3 for the latter), along with the surprise returns of Stark raven & Lampling (Which MAY be its retroactive debut, but still gonna go with XI since the last times...). And not only is there a new Giraffe master monster in town, along with a rareified Ghost, but the Vicious monster concept has returned as a Call Forward to Dragon Quest XI, and even appiles to monsters that went Malicious under Calasmos's influnce. I'd propose that a template for said monsters gone Vicious in Dragon Quest X is needed, since we may not know the full extent of their power. That being said, it would be a nice work idea before the Green dragon fights on the 20th of next month and 5.1 in Janaury of next year, along with other related Dragon Quest news, such as DQXII... (Since Square said that work on it has begun) Link for Vicious monsters:

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