Originally posted in Watercooler by me yesterday, 28 July 2013:

A little birdie name Wiki told me today that, in 1992, Nintendo ordered Enix to "remove a gay bar from Dragon Warrior III" before the game would be accepted and sold for a Nintendo system. However, just before the turn of the century, Nintendo gave up on its censorship practice; two years later, Enix re-released DWIII for the GBC with the gay bar intact and rated "Teen".
My question is: Where is this gay bar?
I've been playing the GBC port of DWIII for about a week now, nearing the point of finishing the entire game (unfortunately stuck on collecting Monster Medals), but I don't recall ever encountering such a location. My Google searches didn't turn up an answer, and a quick search of Dragon Quest Wiki was equally unfruitful....
TL;DR - Other than this being evidence of a controversial point in the history of games, this isn't really an important matter. I'm just curious. ( ^ u ^; )
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