• Pagoda

    I've kinda been holding off on editing very much lately due to the news of the new Wikia policy. All users will be able to see the new look on the Dragon Quest wiki in another 2 days, so you all can look forward to that...or not.

    All things considered, I'm thinking about whether I want to continue editing on wikia due to how silly it is of them to force this new look on everyone. I think the new skin is bad, yes, but what really bothers me the most is how they are completely and totally ignoring the existing wikia users' opinions on the matter. It is obvious that what wikia really cares about is attracting new users and making money using ads. I don't like it.

    I have been in touch with Zenithian, the fellow who runs and drag…

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  • Pagoda

    Not sure if everyone is aware, but Wikia is testing a new "look" or skin for their wikis. I don't have any problem with it in general. Debuting a new look is natural with most websites over time.

    However, the idiotic part is that they have announced that in November they will completely disable the ability to use previous skins for your wiki. This is a complete and total load of crap. The only reason for it is MONEY. They must think that the new look will ultimately make them more money on advertising, hence the "forced" switch. It seems retarded to me that you would want to make the 2nd most popular wiki site that much different than Wikipedia, which will continue to be the standard.

    So, in summary. Forcing the new look is DUMB and com…

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  • Pagoda

    How to Contribute News

    August 25, 2010 by Pagoda

    Posting Dragon Quest and Wiki news just got easier. Here is how to contribute news that will show up on the wiki homepage:

    1. Start a new blog post
    2. Give your news blog post a title and write all the content in the body of the post.
    3. Add the category News to your blog post.
    4. Save it!

    Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to contribute anything related to Dragon Quest that they read somewhere.

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  • Pagoda

    Bot Success

    August 15, 2010 by Pagoda

    I wrote a bot for this wiki. It's account is User:DragonQuestBot. It uses Java to automate editing tasks. I tried it out last night and aside from a few minor bugs, it worked really great. The first task I gave it was to go through all of the files on the wiki and give files without any licensing template Template:No license. So basically now we can view "what links here" for that template to see all the files that need to have a correct license assigned or be deleted.

    I have applied for a bot flag from the wikia staff so that the bot can be hidden in the Special:RecentChanges page. I'm not sure how fast they respond to those. Probably Monday at the earliest I would think. It definitely swamped it last night, since the bot made like…

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  • Pagoda

    Treasure Map Calculators

    August 12, 2010 by Pagoda

    I posted this in the treasure map article, but it's so awesome I wanted to post it here too. This calculator is awesome for figuring out treasure map grottos in DQIX.

    I wanted to post the calculator in the wiki (or at least in my user pages) but wikia disallows forms for security reasons.

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