Well, the trivia contest has ended. The final question was sent on Friday and it was an easy one. It basically was:

Which of the following is NOT a slime creature you will fight in Dragon Quest IX?

a. She-slime b. King Slime c. Metal Slime d. Slimy Slime

A real toughie eh? The question a week before involved classes in DQIX, with the answer being 'Ninja' which is not an real class. I forgot the week 1 question at the moment.

I responded really fast this week, so I am hopeful that I will be one of the 25 grand prize winners. Even if I don't, I advanced to round 3 which means I should have a t-shirt and a soundtrack CD coming at some point. Woohoo! As for the details, the contest was definitely invite only and had only 200 total participants. Only half the remaining participants advanced in each round, so only 50 were left as of last Friday. Hopefully they send out a confirmation email to the winners sometime today. I'll be waiting!

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