I'm excited to hear that IX is finally coming to North America when many thought that it might be DOA. I'm also a bit tentative about what kind of reception it will have. Nintendo indicated a year or so ago that they thought it was very marketable and could cause a resurgence in the series here in America. I certainly hope that's true, but I'm cautious to believe it will be.

The remakes of IV, V, and VI seems to be going mediocre at best. It seems like V was difficult to find in stores by Christmas of 2009, which was only about 10 months after it's release. Even now, it's hard to get on Amazon. Makes you wonder what sales were really like and whether SquareEnix has just given up on the series being a hot seller. I'm still thinking VI will find it's way to America, but beyond that who knows?

FFXIII gave SquareEnix some great numbers for the year so far. I just think they may focus all their energies on that series rather than DQ.

As for IX, I'm also concerned about the local wifi options in the game. Things like that don't work in America like they do in Tokyo and I was disappointed by the same features in the remakes of both IV and V. Trying to find someone who plays IX locally is probably not very likely unless you live in New York City.

Regardless, let's hope that IX brings in more wiki traffic and a renewed interest in the series overall.

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