I've kinda been holding off on editing very much lately due to the news of the new Wikia policy. All users will be able to see the new look on the Dragon Quest wiki in another 2 days, so you all can look forward to that...or not.

All things considered, I'm thinking about whether I want to continue editing on wikia due to how silly it is of them to force this new look on everyone. I think the new skin is bad, yes, but what really bothers me the most is how they are completely and totally ignoring the existing wikia users' opinions on the matter. It is obvious that what wikia really cares about is attracting new users and making money using ads. I don't like it.

I have been in touch with Zenithian, the fellow who runs and He helped to start an independent, ad-free wiki on Dragon Quest several years ago which hasn't gotten off the ground very much. He is well connected with the Dragon's Den, which is easily the best English DQ fansite on the web. It's possible to export all of the content here to that wiki and then continue working. What I decide to do will depend on how things progress in the next month.

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