Alright, the bit with Kiefer fell through since he learns VacuSlash instead of Vacuum, but that's in the past now. Some defense seeds and casino save exploiting along the way and I get through the nightmare that is Dharma and now can change classes.

So my idea? You don't gain job points from a fight if it isn't challenging enough, yeah? But if you kill everything you fight you'll keep getting EXP and leveling up, causing the challenge to not exist, even if the monsters are still tough. You can't rely on running into small encounters, so what do you do? Kill one of the monsters and then blast the others away. Poof (Expel) is the big thing, here, but it doesn't work as often as I'd like. Thankfully, it hardly costs a thing MP wise (actually, it's just 1). It'll have to do until I can nab some other banishment spells / skills.

Oh, and yeah... Dragon Quest VII is sucking my life away now, which is why my edits have been scarce and unproductive. To be honest, I should probably tear myself away from this thing and concentrate on other hobbies, yo. Of course, it's one thing to say this and another to actually do it... mmf... PantheonSasuke 10:15, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

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