I gotta say, I really love what they did with the job system in IX. It's like some kinda spin on III's system along with the skill sets introduced in VIII, and none of that 'challenging fights' bologna like there is in VI and VII (probably the one thing about VI I DON'T look forward to).

Anyway, yeah, so far it's been sucking away my life like good games tend to do, which doesn't bode well for my other hobbies, so I might try and take a break from the game for a day or two (might). There have still been plenty of moments where luck was stupid, and I did get mauled by the boss of a treasure grotto (Equinox, weeee), so I'm definitely going to start changing vocations around and putting points where they'll be helpful to have (having just recently changed my main to a priest, seeing him with 19 HP kinda makes my stomach churn, so I might give him some time in thief, martial artist, and other classes with sets that give bonus HP, yo). I have run into a stronger metal monster, but I'm not sure I wanna fight something that shares a habitat with a Whack-caster (I freakin' HATE that spell). I've already had it used against me once... by a cannibox, but I sealed its magic so HA. That thing's physical attacks still hurt like hell, though.

Oh, and for those that pay attention to the bestiary but have yet to get your 3-4 fyggs, assuming you're playing the way the designers prefer, you may be getting irked by an empty spot near the bud brother. Well, I know what it is, and it's kinda stupid far-off from that spot, but I guess there could be an area nearby where it's possible to run into them. For those not wanting to be spoiled, but for my own reference, that monster was axlxlxixhxcxnxixpxs (just remove the x's and reverse the lettering).

Again I wound up playing this game past midnight. Time to bed... er, time to go to bed. Maybe time for bed?


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