Yeah, I know, I've been doing squat lately. There are a plethora of things I could say, but excuses have rarely done anyone any good, so I'll just say this: all the luck-based bologna in getting Thunder Ward in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is quick to tax my nerves, yo.

Maybe I'll say a bit more. The variables involved are just too many, what with the scout and the monsters used and the difficulty in scouting scout monsters. Honestly, who thought of doing that? Cuz it ain't funny, especially when the monster in question can use encumbering moves and boosts its evasion, which applies to scouting. Lame. I miss simply chucking meat at monsters, but I guess they wanted to dissuade overtones of the glorious art of bribery.

If anyone knows an easier, LEGITIMATE (ie, no cheat devices involved) method of getting Thunder Ward, I'd really appreciate being enlightened to it. It's the last thing I need to get in terms of monsters/skill sets that are provided in story mode, yo.

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