This is the official list of our active members and editors of the site, listing their areas of strength and/or weaknesses. If you need an area edited, these are the people to contact.

If you are a fairly active member, please drop a comment saying the following. I will add you to the list so you can be contacted if your assistance is needed.

1. How active you are, and if you can be called upon to help.

2. Your area of expertice or weaknesses

(Ex.: "I've been playing Dragon Quest since DQII, and have a large general knowledge of all things Dragon Quest, however I cannot speak English" or "I'm new to the series and don't know much except DQMJ2, however I'm excellent at link posting and that technical stuff Pavmeister hates.")

3. Where to contact you if we need help in your area.

4. If you plan on buying DQX: Walking Of The Five Tribes when it is released, and think you can help us cover it then please say so here. It'll be a large thing to tackle, but if we stay organized we can be the #1 source for all things DQX, which may just make the site more popular!

What we have so far:

Story Creator/ Writing in general: Gladiator Ayan

Grammatical Editor: Lord Carlisle

General Knowledge of Everything DQIX/Strategies: Pavmeister

Linking: BrewersWS

Knowledge of most of the series and team planning: Dana412

General Experience and Admin Status: Adain Aileron

Active member willing to help: Felding

Monster Noter: SCARAPALPHA

Were in need of:

  • Anyone good at creating media, who could work on decorating or design.
  • Whoever owns this wiki/created it to say so so we know who were working for and can change things on the main page.
  • Anyone, skilled or not, who really wants to help make a nice place for peeple to reference Dragon Quest!
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