all the things my characters kinda suck right now so if you have any tips on how to get better armour and weapons i'd be more than happy to listen =)

All my members are girls because i wanted to switch it up a bit:

Amy LVL 43 Paladin HP - 358 MP - 81. items Inferno blade, Dark shield, thinking cap, holy femail, light gauntlets, dragon warrior trousers, saintly sollerets meteorite bracer

back story - after Amy fell from the heavens above she quickly became popular and the word begane to spread that she was the one to defeat the beast in the hexagon she then made friends with the warrior named Angella.

Angella LVL 35 Gladiator HP - 272 MP - 16. items Storm spear, Raging bull helm, Brawling byrnie, metallic mitts, battle britches, safety shoes, might armlet

back story - before befriending Amy she was training with the guards at stornway castle getting stronger, she then became one of the kings royal guards but none of the other guards took her seriously because she was a girl, they then framed her for something the got her fired, from that day she hates the kings royal guards and would do anything to get stronger, thats why she joined amy on her quest

Georgina LVL 58 Preist HP - 258 MP - 205, items Mistick, silver shield, hermetic hat, enchanted armour, enchanted gloves, seabreeze skirt, sheepskin shoes, goddess ring

back story - daughter of the priest in Coffinwell (also the youngest in the group) , after seeing so many people die during the sickness season she voued to help anyone thats ill or in need of serious medical help, she begged her father to let her go on with amy and angella to get stronger to learn new things about being a priest.

Sarra LVL 60 Martial artist HP - 365 MP - 24 , items orichalum, thugs mug, dragon top, bruisers bracers, slick slacks, she-fu shoes, lucky pendant

back story - nobody really knows where shes from all we know is that at the age of 5 she was sent to the top of a mountain to meditate for 5 years she is now a calm, strong fighter.

give me tips on my armour and stuff please =D

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