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  • I live in The Metaverse
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is Phantom Thief
  • I am Male (He/Him)
  • Raised By Wolves

    If you sign this petiton , we can possibly localize Dragon Quest 7 and 10. Come on, we have 9 so why not the other two? Come on, DQ fans! We can do it!

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Two new DQIX wikis? What is going on? Anyway, the planned one is [[1]].

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  • Raised By Wolves

    I remember before I came there were many people here.

    • ClarityBiscuitBox
    • Fang3
    • Felding
    • Pavmeister
    • Adan Alieron
    • Lord Carlistle

    But now, I don't see any of them around here anymore. Dunno if it's me doing it, but eh. So we need to think of some stuff to bring life to this dull old place. 

    • A new administrator
    • A new design
    • A new look
    • Renewed pages (Neater)

    Unfortunately with the lack of members, we can't rely on a new admin.

    Currently there are two active members, Scarabalpha and I, who can take this part. Being an admin is a big job and I myself cannot handle it. Scarabalpha (I don't mean to make fun or offend him) has not been here very long and has limited knowledge of Dragon Quest IX and X. I have knowledge of IX fully, but not the other games, unfortun…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Let's celebrate a new year on this site. But this site is so dead. SCARABALPHA COME BACK!

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  • Raised By Wolves

    See ya!

    October 23, 2012 by Raised By Wolves

    Going to college, can't be on the internet much. Letting my little brother take my account, he'll also take care of anything I was doing.

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